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Monday, November 21, 2011

Why Sit Here Until We Die?

Poignant Kaiser Permanente Commercial

   This country is at an impasse.  Merriam Webster defines impasse as "an impassable road or way; a predicament from which there is no obvious escape." I think that about sums it up. Even the most politically illiterate know that this country is divided almost down the middle. The 2012 election will determine the direction we will be led. It is critical.
   There are two camps at war for the hearts and minds of our citizenry and the future of our republic. The left  (Liberals) who want to see us become more like European-style Socialists and the right (Conservatives) who want to see us return to our roots as a constitutional republic with a Capitalist economy. We are at this impasse because of the inroads already made by the left, and then there is Barack Hussein Obama. We now have a president who was the most liberal senator in history, with a voting record more liberal than Ted Kennedy's. We have a president who wants to "fundamentally change America." The stage is set. 
   Both camps are very proactive, and both are hoping to win the votes of the illusive Independents. It sounds like a lot of activity. However, there is a large portion of our population that choose not to get involved. They may be sitting on the fence. Maybe they are too busy to sort it all out and decide where they stand. Many leave it up to the other guy. Some have their head in the sand and don't want to know what's going on because if they know then they may have to do something. Many think that it doesn't matter because they can't make a difference. A lot of us are just hypnotized in front of our large screened HDTVs or game consoles or computers and are completely unaware that our country is on fire! If there was ever a time when we needed every single American to stand up and be counted it is now. 
   I was thinking about this when a story from 2 Kings chapter 7 in the Bible came to mind and that is where I came up with the title of this blog. Why sit here until we die? Try not to turn me off just because this story comes from the Bible. Whether you are a believer or not there are some great stories in there and I think you will see why this one jumped out at me.
   Why sit here until we die? There were four leprous men sitting outside the gates (lepers were not allowed inside) of the city of Samaria. The city was under siege by the Syrians and it had caused a famine. These four men who were doomed to die of their disease in due time anyway discussed among themselves what they should do if anything. They determined that they actually had three choices: 1) they could go inside the city and starve with everyone else, 2) they could continue to sit outside of the gates and allow the disease to eventually kill them right where they sat, or 3) they could enter the enemy's camp and beg for mercy and perhaps they would feed them and let them live. They decided, WHY SIT HERE UNTIL WE DIE? Let's do something! To keep a short story short, they entered the enemy camp and God had already miraculously  intervened by making the Syrians hear the sounds of a great army coming. There was no great army! It was just the sounds of one created by God. The Syrians fled the camp in fear and the lepers found an empty camp full of tents and provisions. At first they were going to keep it to themselves, but then they decided to tell the people in the city and their king. They wound up not only saving themselves but also an entire city and a king! Why sit here until we die?
   The 2010 election proved that we can make a difference. Many of us who had never participated in the process before stood up and demanded to be counted. We went to rallies. We wrote letters and sent FAXes. We attended meetings. We signed petitions. We voted. We held off the socialized healthcare bill way longer than the politicians ever dreamed that we could and the final bill was not the bill that they wanted. We continue to fight it. We took over the House and almost took over the Senate. There is now a TEA Party caucus! Our work is not done. We need to hold the House. We need to finish the job in the Senate and gain control. We need a Conservative president who respects the U.S. Constitution and the American way, who will be friendly to businesses and help to heal the Capitalist economy that has made us the envy of the world. We have to fight like hell to keep this country from going down the road of a European-style Socialism that will destroy our history, our American values, and our future as a free nation. 
    I pray that the TEA Party people of 2010 get back out there and continue the fight. If you have been uninvolved until now, decide to do something and to not just let things evolve unopposed. Educate yourself by getting updated daily on current events that effect this country. Reach out to your local TEA Party and get involved. They have proven to be effective. Don't just sit there and wait to die.


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