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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is Election Day! I am excited to exercise my right to choose who I want to represent me on every level of government. I think that since I blog my opinions, I sort of owe transparency on my voting choices. I have always voted Republican since Reagan's 2nd term, except for in local elections.  My involvement in the TEA Party since 2009 has changed me in that I am more open to other parties if they are the better candidate! This is how I plan to vote:

Mitt Romney

U. S. Congress
Roscoe Bartlett

U.S. Senate
Dan Bongino

Questions 4, 5, 6, & 7

David Gysperts

City Council
Jonathan Burrs
Larry Bayer
Kristin Alshire
Penny Nigh
Lewis Metzner

Non-partisan City Council Election

I think that this city council will be a perfect balance of intelligence and experience with temperaments that will challenge one another enough to fight for the right outcomes, but not cause gridlock.  I hope that my Republican friends can forgive me for not voting straight party. Locally, it just doesn't make sense. That said, I think that we still need to know the party affiliations because it gives us insight on how they may govern when it comes to budgeting, spending, borrowing, and government regulations, etc.

However you vote...please vote today!

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