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Friday, February 8, 2013

Western Maryland Day of Resistance: A Compilation

This compilation includes links, photos, videos, documents, clip art, and media reports related to the Western Maryland Day of Resistance held on February 23, 2013, in Hagerstown, MD. The rally was hosted by the Hagerstown TEA Party. 





1. Mike Guessford. Didn’t hesitate for a minute before agreeing to allow us to kick off the rally at Applause Caterers and at a great price. He is also owner of Always Ron’s on Burhan’s Blvd in Hagerstown. Let’s give him our business!

2. Mike Malone. Owner of Cancun Cantina/Barefoot Bernies has allowed us to meet in his lot and in his building for FREE. Let’s give him our business today.

3. Ted Weaver, Sr. from Responsibly Armed for his wisdom, advice, and encouragement. He handed out our fliers in a 100-mile radius.

4. Steven Watcher. Firearms instructor at Watcher's OnTarget Firearms Instruction; board member of Washington County Maryland Izaak Walton League of America; and in sales at Hendershot's Sporting Goods. He has worked tirelessly promoting the rally by handing out fliers, sending out emails, and talking to people.

5. Barbara Moran and the Franklin County 912 Group for promoting the rally in PA.

6. The Forgotten Men on WFMD for promoting the rally on their program.

7. Every speaker who was willing to publicly stand with the 2nd Amendment movement. 

8. Charles Mayes of Hagerstown, MD Portable Toilets and Septic Systems for donating the portables for free.

9.  WaCo Commissioner Jeff Cline for paying for Applause Caterers.

10. The Hagerstown TEA Party board for taking this project on!

(All photos by David DiFonzo)

Jim Coyle, HTP Secretary

Regis Gamble (left)

Jim Warner

Scott Strzelczyk 

Ann Corcoran 

Denny Stouffer, HTP Board Member

The Coyle Family

Russia Today, media

Art Thomm

Art Thomm

Lynda Givens Evans, VP & Event Organizer

Ray Givens

Ted Weaver Sr., Responsibly Armed

Chris Fiora

Don Hineman, President

Senator Chris Shank

Senator Chris Shank

Senator Chris Shank

Ted Weaver, Sr., Responsibly Armed

Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young

Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young

Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young

Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young

Jim Simpson, Investigative Reporter

Jim Simpson, Investigative Reporter

Jim Woods, Responsible Armed board member

Jim Simpson, Investigative Reporter

Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild

Jim Simpson, Investigative Reporter

Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild

The Coyle Family

Scott Strzelczyk

Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young






JIM SIMPSON  coming soon



Session 1:

JIM WARNER is a local war hero. He enlisted in the Navy in 1964, and was accepted into the Naval Aviation Program in 1965, where was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. On October 13, 1967, he was shot down over North Vietnam just north of the Demilitarized Zone and was captured by North Vietnamese forces. After five years and five months as a POW, where he spent 13 months in solitary confinement, he was repatriated on March 14, 1973. He left the Marines in October 1973 after several months of being treated for his injuries sustained in captivity. He was awarded the Silver Star medal and two Purple Hearts. He returned to college where he obtained bachelor's degrees in Economics and Philosophy in 1976, and a law degree in 1978. He served as a domestic policy advisor to President Ronald Reagan from 1985 until 1989, has worked as a corporate attorney, and as a patent lawyer for the National Rifle Association.

SCOTT STRELCZYK (pronounced Strel Zick) is the producer and co-host of The Forgotten Men radio show, a board member of the organization Redefining the Role of Government, an activist in local and state issues, the owner of a provocative blog called "A Citizens View", a contributor to well-known sites like American Thinker and the Tenth Amendment Center, and a leader in the liberty movement. He is also teaching a class on the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Union (Articles of Confederation and the Constitution), the Bill of Rights, and specific classes on certain amendments…hosted every 3rd Wednesday at Ledo’s in Eldersburg, MD by the Carroll County 912 Group.

ART THOMM has had a passion for firearms since he received his first rifle at the age of 7. He has spent most of his adult life sharing his knowledge and passion for firearms with others, beginning with US Air Force Combat Arms Training and Maintenance, to establishing a National Defense Systems firearms training academy. He is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and a WV Department of Natural Resources Certified Instructor. He is Vice President and Eastern Panhandle Representative for the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, which is the LARGEST Pro-Gun Lobby.

TED WEAVER, SR. was a long- time resident of Maryland, 1955-2004, before moving to Spring Mills West Virginia. He worked in property management and property development for over 20 years. He designed and built residential homes and commercial projects. He owned and operated an Environmental Testing Company in Maryland, called Nestletosh LLC, from 1993 – 2010, and worked as a Community Development Coordinator for the town of Hancock, Maryland. He retired in July 2012 and formed Responsibly Armed Citizens of America in late July 2013. He has Served as a board member of several non-profit agencies over the years, including the Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Center in Hagerstown, Maryland.

JIM WOODS is a life- long citizen of Maryland. He is a retired law enforcement officer with 30 years of service, and also served in the military.

Session 2:

Maryland State Senator
Republican, District 2, Washington County
Member of Maryland House of Delegates 1999-2011
Member of Maryland Senate – 2011 to Present
Minority Whip, House Republican Caucus
Member, Ways and Means Committee
Member, Transportation Subcommittee
Member, Rules Committee
Member, Legislative Policy Committee
Co-Chairman, House Republican Slate
Past Chairman Quad-State Legislative Council
Member, American Legislative Exchange Council
State Legislative Leaders Foundation, Emerging Leaders Program, University of Virginia
Member, Maryland Advisory Council for Virtual Learning
Member, Joint Committee on Federal Relations – Mental Health Access Advisory Committee
First Christian Church, Hagerstown, MD – Personnel Committee, Elder, former Deacon
Member, Sharpsburg Lions Club
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Board of Directors, Horizon Goodwill
Board of Directors – Safeplace of Washington County
Board of Advisors – University System of Maryland – Hagerstown
Advisory Board, Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Member, Washington County Farm Bureau
Member, Boonsboro Historical Society
Member, Sharpsburg Historical Society
Save Historic Antietam Foundation
Hagerstown Community Advisory Committee – Holcim, U.S.
Born in Hagerstown, Maryland June 30,1972
South Hagerstown High School, 1990
B.A., The Johns Hopkins University, B.A. (history) 1994
George Washington University, M.A. (political management) 1998 (valedictorian: Howard Paley Academic Excellence Award)

RAY GIVENS is the Western MD Sportsman's Coalition Legislative Representative, and is past president of the Washington County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs (2004 -2011). He was elected to the Washington County Republican Central Committee in 2010.

BLAINE R. YOUNG is the President of the Board of County Commissioners of Frederick County. He lives in Monrovia with his wife Karen. They have four children.
 He was born and raised in Frederick County, Maryland He is a graduate of Frostburg State University with a degree in Mass Communications.
 At the age of 26 he was elected to the Board of Aldermen for the City of Frederick. His career in communications began at the local radio station, WFRE / WFMD.
 As an on-air personality for 930 WFMD for over 16 years, he hosted and co-hosted several features and shows including The Blaine Young Show, which he still hosts Monday
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through Friday from 3pm - 6pm. He helped start the tea-party movement in Frederick County utilizing his radio program.
 He authored a column for The Gazette newspaper for two years addressing issues at the local, state and national level. He currently writes for the bi-weekly.
 He currently owns and operates Interstate Mobile Advertising, Inc. He also co-owns Yellow Cab of Frederick, Brunswick, Thurmont and Mount Airy; Classic Limo and Sedan; and Classic Detail and Wash. Their companies consist of over 100 personnel.
 Very active in the community: He is a life member of the National Rifle Association, a member of the Monocacy Pistol Club, the Izaak Walton League, the Fishing Creek Rod and Gun Club, and the Sons of the American Legion. He is a member of and attends the Frederick Church of the Brethern. He is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Frederick County Builders Association, and the Rotary of Southern Frederick County. He is also an honorary member of Junior Fire Company #2.

JAMES SIMPSON is an investigative journalist, businessman, and former economist and budget examiner for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
Since 1995, he has written non-fiction articles for various periodicals based both on his experiences in government and business, and a longstanding avocation in public policy.
Mr. Simpson is best known for his exposé on the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Manufactured Crisis. His work provided background for Glenn Beck’s TV series on the subject. He is featured in Curtis Bowers’ award winning documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down, Agustin Blasquez’s new work, Connecting the Dots, and is a frequent guest on radio talk shows.
Mr. Simpson’s work has been published in the Washington Times, WorldNet Daily, American Thinker, Accuracy in Media, Breitbart, Fox Nation and many others. Jim is a regular contributor for His blog is Truth and Consequences.

RICHARD ROTHSCHILD is a Carroll County Commissioner of Maryland District 4. He also currently has 16 profitable years of experience in a real estate management, investment, business advisory and financial services; and also negotiates informal mediation of real estate / business disputes. He has fourteen previous years of experience with a Fortune 100 high-tech company in sales, marketing, sales programs management, and operations. Additionally, he served as a location manager and saved jobs by downsizing 200,000 square feet of office space; implemented one of the first and largest telecommuting programs in the U.S.; and personally identified cost saving measures that reduced hard (actual) costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars, including selling off corporate aircraft. He has three years of experience as a digital systems engineer with a large defense contractor.
Page 6 of 6
Education: MBA-Loyola College 3.8 GPA ; B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland; two-day seminar on U.S. Constitution
Community associations, involvement:
 Acting Chairman, Governor’s Science and Technology Education Task force (1991);
 Judge, P.G. County Science and Technology Competitions 1991-1993;
 Member National Association of Realtors 1996 to present.
 Vice-chair HFM Project of Carroll Foundation
 Member NRA
 Popular speaker on the subject s of Plan Maryland and Agenda 21.
Professional associations: Member of Maryland and National Association of Realtors 1996 to present; and author of Quickstart Investment Workshop.



Dual Highway

Barefoot Bernies

The rally will go on RAIN OR SHINE! We will only cancel the rally if there is a snow emergency alert in effect. We want to remain outside for as long as possible for visibility. BRING YOUR UMBRELLA AND DRESS WARM. LAMINATE YOUR SIGNS IF POSSIBLE.

The FIRST SESSION OF SPEAKERS (12:00) WILL BE INDOORS AT APPLAUSE CATERERS. The room only holds 200 people. Once it is full, those who could not get in can begin lining up along Dual Highway. 

The SECOND SESSION OF SPEAKERS (2:30) WILL NOW BE HELD INDOORS AT CANCUN CANTINA. For those of you who do not know the layout of this establishment, it is a restaurant (Barefoot Bernies), a night club (Cancun Cantina), and a conference and event center (Hager Hall)...all at the same address of 901 Dual Highway. You must enter by the front door for Cancun Cantina! Do not try to parade through their restaurant! PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE RESTAURANT ENTRANCE. LEAVE THOSE SPACES FOR THE RESTAURANT CUSTOMERS. PARK PAST THE POTTED TREES AND ALL THE WAY TO THE REAR NEAR HAGAR HALL.

CANCUN CANTINA will hold 700 people. There is a stage and a lecturn for the speakers. There are not 700 chairs. Many will have to stand, but outside everyone would have to stand and be wet and cold too. 

FOOD AND DRINK: Cancun Cantina will have a bar open for business for you to be able to purchase refreshments. You also will be able to order food from the restaurant if you want. GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS. THEY HAVE ALLOWED US TO USE THEIR FACILITY FOR FREE! THEY DESERVE OUR BUSINESS. 

BATHROOMS: During the rally, until 2:30 when we are allowed to meet inside Cancun Cantina, please use the two portable toilets located in the restaurant lot near the Dual Highway or public restrooms along the road. 


Check our Facebook page for weather related updates or call 301-992-6943.


I need a group of people, who are physically able to walk quite a bit, to contact me to volunteer to be crowd control. You will be given a Hagerstown TEA Party T-shirt to wear to make you visible and identifiable. Your job will be to walk the crowd beginning in the city lot, along Dual Highway, and at Barefoot Bernies (or be assigned a portion of an area) to make sure that people are staying on public property or in the designated area at Barefoot Bernies. You will just gently remind people to not block traffic and to not block pedestrians. ANYTHING MORE SERIOUS you just report it to me or another board member. 


at 301-992-6943 or EMAIL ME at


Folks, let’s not give our detractors anything to use as proof that we are anything but considerate, law-abiding citizens!

1.  The parking lot where the Academy Theater is located is owned by the City. PLEASE DO NOT CONGREGATE OR RALLY THERE.  We must stay on public property at all times during the rally.

2.  Applause Caterers holds 200 people. If it becomes full, please go directly to E. Franklin Street and E. Washington Street and begin to line up along both sides of Dual Highway heading away from town.

3. When lining up for rally along both sides of Dual Highway (between Applause Caterers and Barefoot Bernies), stay on public property.

4.  Do not block or impede traffic in any way.

5.  Do not block pedestrians.

6.  Treat the businesses along Dual Highway with respect. GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS, but do not engage with their customers and leave your signs outside.

7.  Park in the city lots or parking garages, or in any public parking lots along the Dual Highway. This is not a march! You can line up anywhere along the sides of the road.

8. IMPORTANT: Barefoot Bernies has graciously allowed us to use their lot FOR FREE. GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS! Please only park where they direct us and do not engage with their customers! Leave your signs outside if entering to eat or drink. Only enter the building if you are planning to eat or drink…unless invited due to bad weather. 

9.  Do not allow yourself to be baited into an argument…or worse. This is a peaceful protest. There may be people there who came solely to provoke you. DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT.

10.  Before you leave Hagerstown, look around you for trash. Bring a bag with you to pick up any trash around you before you leave. This is good ol’ traditional TEA Party behavior!


12. Be prepared to use your phone camera and video recorder to document rally…for fun and for protection!

The rally will go on rain or shine!  We will only cancel the rally if there is a snow emergency alert in effect. We want to remain outside for visibility, but if it is raining we will be able to go inside Barefoot Bernies. WAIT TO BE INVITED IN. The room will hold 700 people. Check our Facebook page for weather related updates.


1. Chris Shank, MD State Senator

2. Blaine Young, Frederick County Commissioner 

3. Richard Rothschild, Carroll County Commissioner

4. Scott Strzelczyk, Producer of the Forgotten Men radio program (WFMD)

5. Jim Warner, local war hero, retired NRA lawyer, and former Senior White House Domestic Policy Adviser

6. Ray Givens, Western MD Sportsman's Coalition legislative representative, past president of the Washington County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs (2004 -2011) 

7. Jim Simpson, freelance investigative journalist

8. Art Thomm, WV Civil Defense League

9. Ted Weaver, Sr., Responsibly Armed, founder

10. Jim Woods, 30 years of experience as a retired Law Enforcement Officer and board member of Responsibly Armed

12:00-1:00pm SPEAKERS:

Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance
Jim Werner (10-15 minutes)
Scott Strelczyk (15 minutes)
Art Thomm (15 minutes)
Jim Woods & Ted Weaver, Sr (8-10 minutes)

2:30-3:30 or 4:00pm SPEAKERS:

Senator Chris Shank 
Ray Givens (10 minutes)
Blaine Young (15 minutes)
Jim Simpson (15 minutes)
Richard Rothschild (15 minutes)


PLEASE only download signs that can not be interpreted as threatening. 

Print these signs on 8 1/2" x 11" or 17" x 22" paper
Download Suggestion: I download signs onto a thumb drive and take it to Staples. They print them out on card stock and laminate them for just a couple of dollars. The smaller ones I staple (industrial staple gun) to paint sticks and the larger ones to garden sticks. LAMINATE FOR POSSIBLE WET WEATHER.

Other Sign Suggestions:

An arrow with This Guy Does Not Speak for Me (for those in the crowd who are inappropriate!)

Honk if you support 2nd Amendment Rights! (engages passing traffic)

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