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Sunday, June 23, 2013



   I noticed when I arrived at the meeting that there were county police standing at the entrance. I was asked to sign in before allowing to enter the meeting, providing my name, address, phone number, and email address. I was asked to wear a name tag.  I entered a packed room with Chris Van Hollen (CVH) taking questions from the audience. I was lucky enough to have a kind new friend who saved me a seat! The room was fairly calm, but I did notice at least one state trooper in the room. The rumors were true. Van Hollen and the DCC had requested the police presence (and attempted to get a peace order) because of "the violent tendencies of the TEA Party."
   The discussion began with questions about sequestration and the impact on the military. CVH stated that it has affected military readiness and affected "the kids" on military bases because the teachers have furlough days. It's always about "the children" when a Liberal is trying to push an matter what that agenda is. He went on to say that BO is taking a cautious approach towards Syria, and that he personally is against arming the opposition forces who are mainly comprised of the Taliban.

   When asked about Obamacare regarding  contraception and abortion, CVH attempted to answer only about contraception and avoided the subject of abortion.  The crowd yelled ABORTION until he would address it. He stated that Obamacare exempts religious institutions. The crowd yelled NOT TRUE. He then stated that the Catholic Church is not required to provide either, and the crowd again yelled NOT TRUE with one or two yelling LIAR. He insisted that they are not and tried to clarify that other Catholic "institutions" like a hospital or school are not exempt. The Catholic hospital, owned and operated by the Catholic Church, should not be forced to provide contraception or perform abortions, nor should any Catholic "institution" be forced to provide either for their employees. CVH does not agree. He makes one more statement meant to appease the crowd, saying that any business with 50 or less employees are exempt from Obamacare requirements. The crowd was not impressed. 
   One gentleman told CVH that there was another elected official in the crowd that deserved to be recognized. He was referring to Commissioner Richard Rothschild who CVH invited to stand and be recognized. The crowd roared and gave thundering applause. As an outsider (Washington County resident) visiting Carroll County I can't help but to notice the outright adoration that has been building for Rothschild over the last six months since I have been attending their political events. He sat at the meeting like a proud papa with his children all around him. At times he would shush them and once he even stood to quiet them. I have never seen anything even close to Rothschild's relationship with his constituents. The closest we have to a rock star in Washington County is Commissioner Terry Baker who is certainly appreciated for his steadfast adherence to Conservative principles, often being the lone vote, but nowhere near the adoration I see for Rothschild. Just an observation...anyway, Rothschild graciously welcomed CVH. 
   Regarding the economy, the crowd laughed hysterically when CVH said that they had to be careful  not to increase expenditures faster than reducing the debt. He stated that Paul Ryan's first budget took 40 years to balance the budget. His latest budget is much sooner, but does not include Obamacare. More laughter. CVH reminded the crowd that the last balanced budgets were 1998-2000 during the Clinton administration. WHEN THERE WAS A REPUBLICAN HOUSE AND SENATE. Even I wanted to yell that, and yelling is not my style. He  flat out blamed tax cuts, Iraq, and the prescription drug program for the deficit. If the hypocritical Liberals had passed the prescription drug bill it would have been a victory for civil rights. CVH was asked when his bill would balance the budget and he said in 2039-2040. More laughter. 
   There were discussions on lengthy bills being hard to read and comprehend, some thought for nefarious reasons. Transparency was mentioned and snickered about. There were also discussions on the Veteran's Administration and Veteran's Affairs. The crowd reacted most strongly on the issues of Immigration reform, welfare and food stamp programs, energy policies, and of course the IRS scandal
   One man wanted to know "what doesn't Congress understand about the word ILLEGAL?" The crowd felt that being illegal disqualifies them from receiving any assistance. CVH clearly did not agree, but did not answer the question.
  Another man said that a neighboring house went into foreclosure and then became a Section 8 property. He said there is a "grown assed man and woman who can work who do nothing and have no plans of ever doing anything to support themselves." He said that he is offended by that and the crowd agreed. CVH did not, saying that there are more people who truly need it than those that abuse it. I'm not so sure that is true anymore.
   It became most combative when a debate ensued between Dave Wallace and CVH about renewable energy, the Keystone pipeline, and climate change. See the video at CVH stated that he believes in climate change. He is an "all of the above guy" when it comes to energy. Dave Wallace disputed that claim and the crowd became quite loud. When Dave swiftly approached CVH to shake his hand, a large man jumped between the two as if he thought Dave may assault the Congressman. As Dave turned around to go back to his seat, a state trooper escorted him outside, but allowed him to return to his seat later. 
   The crowd was very concerned about the IRS scandal, and particularly the IRS being in charge of Obamacare. They wanted to know what CVH would do about the IRS power grab and targeting tea party groups. He said that he plans to sue the IRS. I was surprised to hear that announcement and will be watching to see if he follows through with it. 
   I think it was a good meeting. I have to give the guy credit for facing this crowd, especially after the revelation about the attempt to keep the TEA party from attending. I didn't agree with a single thing that he said, but he had the guts to say it to an unfriendly crowd. To me that took notable effort and courage. I do hope for the patriots of Carroll and Frederick counties that a worthy opponent arises to take CVH's seat and at least a piece of our country back. 



Congressman Chris Van Hollen is holding a meet and greet in Carroll County Maryland and the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee has purportedly attempted to use law enforcement to keep Conservative opposition from attending. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

The recording secretary for the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee, Don West, allegedly called campus security as well as local and county police to claim that he was concerned about the alleged “violent tendencies” of the Tea Party group called We The People. They are attempting to use law enforcement to intimidate and silence opposing viewpoints! 

The Bill of Rights were written to protect us, We the People, from this kind of political thuggery. These are the type of politicians that are successfully creating the one-party state in the People's Republic of Maryland as well as a European Socialist climate in the land of the free.

We have gotten complacent, for several understandable reasons, but it is time to recommit to defending our freedoms and START SHOWING UP again. 

This situation is screaming for a TEA PARTY!

DATE: Monday, June 24, 2013

TIME: 5:00 pm-9:00 pm

LOCATION: Carroll County Community College, 1601 Washington Rd, Westminster, MD 21157

  • Get on  I-70 towards Frederick. 
  • Take Exit 68 (MD-27) towards Mount Airy.
  • Drive 0.2 miles, then turn left onto MD-27/Ridge Road.
  • Drive 14.5 miles, then turn right onto Warfieldsburg Road.
  • Drive 1.9 miles, then turn left onto Old Washington Road. 
  • Drive 0.6 miles, then turn right onto the campus.
QUESTIONS: Call Dave Wallace at 410-984-2194

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT behave in a manner that could in any way prove their false accusations against the TEA party!
Unlike the so-called tolerant Liberals, we know how to speak the truth in dignity and with malice towards none. If necessary, remind those around you. 

See you there...

~Lynda Givens Evans~

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  1. Just found you blog and loved the post about the meeting with CVH. Thanks for the play by play.

    I admit that whenever CVH shows up on television I tend to raise the remote and leave the premises. Too smarmy by half and dishonest to boot. Not an appealing combination.


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