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Saturday, October 19, 2013



      If nothing else, Obamacare has separated the sheep from the goats (Republicans from the RINOS) and revealed who the self-serving wolves are in the Republican Party. It couldn't be more clear that many of the Republicans in D.C. are as implicit in passing and PROTECTING this unwanted, unconstitutional, poorly planned, and too expensive entitlement as the Liberals. I am no longer buying their insincere attempts and deceptive show of support of the Conservative principles outlined in the Republican platform.  I am no longer buying their contrived deals that they regretfully make at the end of every battle. They are either the biggest losers or it is intentional! The Kentucky Kickback is the last slap in the face that I need to come to my senses and get off of this merry-go-round.
     This wasn't an easy conclusion for me to come to and admit.  I lived for 16 years in the most Conservative area in Maryland, and I was blessed with Republican representation at almost every level. Most of them have stood valiantly and firmly on Republican/Conservative principles.  I know that my Republican friends, especially those running for office, will say that I am wrong and that I am hurting the Party. I guess they need a few more slaps in the face or maybe they are even RINOs in training. The Republicans in D.C. have once again caved to the demands of the Progressive Liberals. If the RINOS want to blame the TEA Party for the shutdown, I want to blame establishment Republicans for their embarrassing but predictable surrender where they gave away everything and then some. Ted Cruz is not the "laughing stock." The RINOs are a joke who while the world watched they once again sold out the best interest of the people for personal financial gain or political career-building capital.
     The Liberals (politicians and media) are probably quite pleased with themselves for creating, encouraging, and nurturing the rift between the RINOs and the Tea Party. That is just what Liberals do. I am not nearly as offended by them as I am by those in my own Party who denounce, degrade, and distance themselves from the Tea Party. Instead they should look up and see the cavalry coming! The Tea Party are the soldiers in this political fight who will volunteer to go to the front lines for them if they are not willing or able to go! The Tea Party would have their backs! They are stiff-arming their greatest defense! Why would they do that for any other reason than self-interest? They are just as smug and just as elitist as the Left.
     I am more determined than ever after this last cowardly and costly surrender to vote for principles over party. I will promote principles over party.  I will campaign for principles over Party. I will debate issues not Party lines. If and when the RINOs decide to really put up a fight for the principles in their own platform...I will run to the front lines and I will get their back.  Until then....I would not be against a third party. There. I said it.



  1. Well said. Republicans need to see this

  2. Well said, Replicans need understand this and clean their own house!


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