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Saturday, May 31, 2014


(G-rated Version) They called police officers pigs.

The Herald Mail has its favorites. One of these is a Mr. Rodney Guessford. Everything that this man utters, be it in writing or by phone, is published. In my observations, the favorable responses to his utterances are always published and in a timely manner. Opposing feedback will likely not be published. When opposing feedback is published, it is long after his original comment was posted, almost ensuring that it has at least in part been forgotten. Opposition rendered useless.

In contrast, although I am a "top commenter," I rarely get a word printed.  I have a public profile on the Herald Mail on-line version, and it has a section called My Recent Comments. I comment nearly every day on something. My most recent comments listed in this section are from 5 months ago! I don't need the Herald Mail for my opinions to be read. I am just aggravated that their readership (my community) doesn't always get both sides to the inane babblings of Rodney Guessford.

This has to be the most ignorant definition of freedom ever to be uttered.

One of those babblings was titled: Remembering Woodstock. I found this telling to say the least. This has to be the most ignorant definition of freedom ever to be uttered. I wrote a letter to the editor of the HM in response. Of course it was not published. At first I thought maybe it was because it was the week of Memorial Day, but it is actually quite relevant since it was his ilk that spat upon our soldiers when they returned from Viet Nam. The Herald Mail can bite me! Here is the ignorant Feedback comment, followed by my op-ed. Read and SHARE. I believe the Conservative on-line network far outreaches their readership.
Herald Mail, Feedback, May 22, 2014
“I’m sitting here Saturday, I’m reminiscing. I’m playing my ‘Woodstock’ album. To all you tea partiers out there, that’s what freedom was, Woodstock.
That’s freedom, not carrying a gun and being fearful for everybody that walks around you. That’s not freedom. Freedom is enjoying everybody; everybody else’s thoughts. Caring about people, caring about babies and women and children, and the soldiers.

Freedom is not complaining all the time, and wanting your own agenda. That is not freedom.”

— Rodney Guessford, Hagerstown

To the Editor,
I am writing in response to--the HM's premier opinion writer/caller--Rodney Guessford's Feedback entitled Remembering Woodstock. This explains a lot. Rodney is tip-toeing through the tulips defining freedom as being free to drop acid and roll in the mud naked having sex with strangers. Sure that is freedom too. However, that is not what makes people care about people, babies, women, and children. Especially soldiers! These same people spat on our soldiers!

Now, carrying a gun actually is a freedom protected by the Second Amendment. I am not in fear of anyone, but should some drug addict attempt to invade my home, he should be very afraid because I am free to protect myself and my 80-year-old mother. This just happened in Dundalk and the poor woman had nothing with which to protect herself.
I doubt that Mr. Guessford "enjoys everybody else's thoughts."  He pushes his own agenda, and he is constantly complaining here in the HM. Complaining actually is a freedom also, protected by the First Amendment. "Tea partiers" are as free to complain, promote a Conservative agenda, and carry a gun as Rodney is to wallow in the mud. Deal with it.

 Lynda Givens Evans

If you agree...SHARE! The Herald Mail and other Liberal news outlets will find themselves obsolete and powerless. The on-line Conservative network is limitless!


  1. Kudos to you Lynda! And never forget DEMOCIDE or death by governments, NOT related to war deaths, is the number one cause of death in the last century.
    Put this link onto your url and hit go!

    The Second Amendment is ours to protect us FROM government intrusion into our homes,..(remember the British soldiers invaded the Boston colony homes pre-Revolutionary War). The Founding Father's new what they were doing making this amendment the Second Amendment!

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