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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The New Uniparty in D.C.


    I am sure that I am not alone in my frustration with the "New Uniparty" in D.C., which is made up of narcissists and sycophants from both sides of the aisle (Democrats and Republicans), led by "The Radical" in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama and RINO House leader John Boehner.  These corrupt and self-seeking elected leaders have united against the will of We the People. The Radical devises unconstitutional, often illegal, bills and executive orders and the Chief RINO feigns anger and then caves quickly with very little fight. It is a formula that has been repeated with such regularity and predictability that you have to wonder if Boehner and crew are incompetent or complicit. I think we all know the answer to that by now. If the establishment Republicans have not underhandedly united with the Progressives in the Democratic Party, then they have to be the biggest losers in the history of this country. The Progressive agenda has been forwarded in the last six years with precision and at a mind-blowing rate of success to the horror of those who have been watching. It has not slowed, even with the Republican gains in the last election, as we saw with the blocking of the DHS funding bill meant to halt executive amnesty,  the passing of Net Neutrality, and the appointment of Lynch as US Attorney General. All we have gained is another RINO in charge, Mitch McConnell. He is not on our side. Clearly, he too belongs to the New Uniparty.
      Yet there are still very committed Conservative activists who continue to hold onto the Republican Party. I understand the conflict. I have been a true blue Republican for 30 years, even though they alienated me years ago, and even though they no longer seem to care about the Republican Party Platform, which most represents my principles and beliefs.  I understand too that locally we do not have the same problems as nationally, however, we have seen some of the same shenanigans recently. If you need a refresher on what that platform used to represent, go to  I personally can no longer support and promote their causes, but I still have not changed my affiliation as of yet. The Republicans in D.C. no longer promote or protect their platform. They don't mention it, they don't fight for it, and in fact have abandoned it along with our Constitution. They are embarrassed by their own platform.

    Although I have been involved in the TEA Party Movement since 2009, which began as a non-partisan movement based almost entirely on lower taxes, debt and deficits and smaller government,  it is no secret that out of the two parties, the Republican Party most represented TEA Party principles. To my astonishment, establishment Republicans in D.C. have united with their "natural enemy" the Progressives against the TEA Party! They have done this despite the fact that the TEA Party was instrumental in the GOP gaining a majority in the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014, and despite the fact that the TEA Party would be willing to go to the political frontlines for them to support their candidates and defend their platform. So what gives? I've always heard that when something doesn't make sense...follow the money.
   My theory in short includes: a Manchurian candidate (BHO), greed for personal monetary gain, greed for personal power, career politicians (addicted to status, etc.), radicals (nationwide and worldwide) with varying agendas uniting, lobbyist payoffs, corporate money, labor union money, and constituent donations. All of these have created a cesspool on both sides of the aisle, polluting D.C. with the stench of blackmail, payoffs, elitism, cronyism, and several unholy alliances. It is so dark and convoluted that it is difficult for one person to sort it all out.


   Conservatism is on its way to becoming, if not illegal, extinct. The New Uniparty will go through the motions of the Left submitting bills or supporting executive orders that shut the mouths of Conservatives or strip them of the ability to fight back. They will use accusations of racism, hate speech labels, 1st Amendment "zones", Net Neutrality, and ultimately gun bans to shut us up and render us defenseless. They are stripping us of our American culture and revising our history in an attempt to devalue our Founders, our Constitution, and those who defend them by demonizing, labeling, and regulating us into extinction. They use our college campuses as breeding grounds for Liberal ideology, teaching anti-Capitalism, Atheism (the God of Science), anti-Semitism (Palestinian oppression), anti-Christian (bigotry), and anti-American ideas as if they are pure academic truths. This has been very effective for them, so they realized that they could "fundamentally change America" quicker if they started in elementary school. The Common Core curriculum will brainwash our children sooner and faster, and many will not be able to stop it from infecting their children. Why, because home schooling will come under further attack because Conservative parents will be deemed backward and unfit. They have infinite resources using the Green Agenda and corporate and labor union funds,  as a blank check for just about anything they want to accomplish. One side uses corporate funds and the other labor union funds to promote the New Uniparty.
    Where is the TEA Party and other Conservative Groups? These groups were very visible, and I might add effective, in 2009-2011, and then something began to change. They weren't as visible. We were told that we would do better to spend our time working from within by volunteering our time at the municipal level on up, sitting on boards, running for office, seeking jobs within the system. They are still out there...we just can't see them! I agree and I too began to get involved locally, but important issues would demand the need for a visible presence in D.C., and very few showed up anymore. I am an organizer. It became harder to fill a bus given a month's notice, when before we could fill six with less than a week's notice. I would hear: no time, not my issue, not an important issue, I'm contributing in other ways, I'm tired, and many other excuses that you just did not hear in 2009. The national TEA Party and Conservative groups grew fat and their administrators grew rich. Yet after every battle that we have lost we get emails from these organizations telling us that we have won...we are just not looking at it correctly. This keeps the donations coming in. The TEA Party really was grassroots. So how did a housewife gone CEO (Tea Party Patriots), or something equivalent, wind up making $400,000 a year? I live on just barely-making-it street in comparison, yet they are begging me for money. The argument that bothered me the most was, it is not my issue. Everybody jumped into their own canoe and labeled it whatever is their pet issue, be it Illegal Immigration, Protecting the Constitution, Energy, Fiscal Responsibility, Elections, and many other Conservative issues. We have been all alone in our own canoes paddling like hell and getting nowhere. During election season we can't unite on candidates: not my state, doesn't support my issue, insulted my rock star politician, not my Party, and more. We were no longer united. We were no longer visible. How has that worked out for us?
    Where is the church? How will the New Uniparty affect them? The church has been largely silent, and unfortunately sometimes on the wrong side of an issue, even when it has been against their theology. They either didn't want to get involved, or they wanted to vote for the first black president, or they fell for the media spin, or they preferred the praise of man, or they wanted to belong, or what I believe to be the largest influence...the threat to their tax exempt status. Some would fight to protect that tax exempt status more vigorously than for the right to preach the whole Word of God or our right to religious freedom. Sure more money allows more good works, but the writing is on the wall that soon that status will be tied very tightly to regulations on the church. You will soon have to choose between your Bible and that tax status. This is where you will see the division of the sheep from the goats. Some churches will decide that it is more important to preach the whole Word of God than to maintain that status. Many will not. Some churches will decide that it is more important for the good of our society to have a voice in the social issue debates. Many will not. Churches should be seriously considering which way they will go when the government gives them the ultimatum to submit to government speech laws, or else.

   So what do we do? How can we fight back against this New Uniparty? I think it is time that we re-unite in a very visual way. Every single Conservative group has to re-unite at a grassroots level. We need to invite the Jewish and Christian communities to join us. We need to pool our resources. We need to show up for one another. We need to rededicate ourselves to saving this nation from complete destruction by putting down all of our differences, defenses, and egos and anything else that comes between us. Do you think that environmental groups understand or care about gay issues? One Liberal group knows nothing about the other except that they are there to fight against a common enemy. That would be us. We need to unite, sometimes on our very lowest common denominator, our common enemy, which is the Liberal Progressives consisting equally of Democrats and Republicans as the New Uniparty. We must re-unite and fight like hell. We need a surge in Conservative troops against our enemy on every front. Will we or have we already lost the war due to friendly fire?  

A reader asked me what a surge would look like. Great question! Remember 9-11-2009? We need this again, but not for just one day...for as long as it takes! 


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