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Monday, March 2, 2015

Obama the Man-Child vs Netanyahu the Statesman

    I read that this will be the first time in the 66-year history of US-Israeli relations that the White House doors will be closed to a visiting Prime Minister of Israel. Although I am pretty sure that Obama has done this before, it has only been this president. It is not because we have never had an administration that was in disagreement with Israel. There have been others. It is because of the temperament and ego of  Barak Hussein Obama and his administration. It is because of his narcissistic influence on a small band of Democrats that this controversy over Netanyahu's visit to Congress has evolved into tabloid-like reporting on The Real Lives of the DC Egos.
    As I listened to Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech at AIPAC today, I could not help but feel that I was listening to a historic speech by a noble leader in love with his country. It is such a contrast to the childish and petulant speeches that we hear from our man-child president who always has an axe to grind, not with our enemies, but with the American people (Republicans, TEA Party, Christians, border agents, governors, policeman, the military, etc.) and with our allies (most prominently Israel).
   Building up to Netanyahu's visit to Congress, Obama and some members of Congress have had non-stop propaganda flooding the MSM voicing their opposition to his speech to Congress. We have been told that the main reason for their objection is Netanyahu's break in protocol...bad manners. To say that this is disingenuous would be a huge understatement. This is coming from an administration that has broken all protocol, dismissing our Constitution as obsolete, ignoring the rulings of judges, and more often than not, entirely bypassing our Legislative Branch of government.
   The second reason given is that Obama and some Democrats feel that this will be providing a "soapbox to attack Obama's efforts to reach a nuclear deal with Iran." This is closer to the truth. Obama has had round-the-clock MSM reporting and promoting of his negotiations with Iran, so why shouldn't Netanyahu, most members of Congress, and the American people have a chance to report and promote the alternative? There are two very different approaches to the nuclear Iran problem:

1. Obama:
  • Negotiate with Iran
  • Nuclear freeze in Iran for 10 years before they would be allowed to build a nuclear bombs
2. Netanyahu:
  • More sanctions against Iran (no negotiations)
  • No nuclear Iran, not now not ever.
Most of Congress and the American people agree with Netanyahu, but Obama doesn't give much credence to what Americans think or desire. He is a "citizen of the world". He would prefer "international diplomacy"...and so off he goes on his own, again.
    As I listened to Netanyahu's AIPAC speech, I also noticed a completely different tone to what has been coming out of the White House. From the White House we have been hearing words that indicate ego, like: livid, disrespect, broken protocol, inappropriate, snubs, insinuated, offended, infuriated, undermining, and thumb-in-the-eye. Also from the White House words of egotistic retaliation, like: destructive, snubbing, boycotting, accusing, and threatening. This is all a reflection of the egotistical man-child in charge.
    Netanyahu, in contrast, used words like alliance, support, gratitude, respect, bipartisan, moral obligation, ally, friend, family (of the US), liberty, equality, justice, tolerance, vulnerability (of Israel), and most poignant...survival.
    Netanyahu spoke of his respect and gratitude towards Obama for security cooperation, intelligence sharing, support at the UN, and "much more that I cannot divulge". He even went further and almost scolded Obama's detractors by adding "and so should you". That is gracious dignity. It's been along time since Americans have experienced graciousness and dignity from a leader.
    The Democrats and the MSM accused Netanyahu of inserting himself and Israel into US party politics. Of course, this was followed by an announcement that some Democrats would be boycotting his speech to Congress and an invitation to a Democrat-only meeting. Who really was trying to make this a partisan stunt? Netanyahu dispelled that accusation by first thanking both Democrats and Republicans for their support. He then made it very clear that "support for Israel has always been bipartisan and must always remain bipartisan".
    Netanyahu stated that his one and only reason to speak in front of the US Congress is "to speak up about a potential deal with Iran that could threaten the very survival of Israel." That may be hard for many Americans to believe or understand. We have never had to worry about the survival of our country. He said that he has a moral obligation as the prime minister of Israel to speak up in the face of these dangers while there is still time. Everybody has to understand that, right?
    He said that Iran is the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in the world creating, arming, and dispatching terrorists to five continents, "enveloping the entire world with its tentacles of terrorism." This is what they do now without nuclear capability. Iran has vowed to annihilate Israel, and with a nuclear capability they would have the means to achieve that goal. "WE MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!"
   He spoke of the history of the Jewish people and how they have been passive, persecuted, stateless, defenseless, voiceless, and powerless against enemies that swore to destroy them. "NO MORE! THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES! He said that today they are no longer silent. "TODAY WE HAVE A VOICE!"  He said, "Tomorrow I plan to use that voice."
    All that remains to be seen is how the man-child and his bullies will respond to this speech. Will they be so loyal to their infantile leader as to not show up at the playground tomorrow? If they continue their petty campaign against Netanyahu's right to speak for the survival of his country...maybe the country and the entire world will surely see him for what he is...finally.