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Friday, December 11, 2015

Saudi Writer Schools US Infidels on Bigotry: Hypocrisy at Its Worst

Trump's Bigotry at its Worst written by
Abulateef Al-Mulhim

I am furious at the hypocrisy of this Saudi writer scolding a country where he has had the freedom to come and go across its borders and take advantage of our schools and lifestyle his entire life, while we cannot enter his closed society because we are infidels! They are the most bigoted against those of other religions, against the black race, against women, and let's not forget homosexuals. Their bigotry often leads to life and death situations for these individuals. Yet this writer wants to school us on what he believes is our moral obligation while under constant attack by Muslims?

Trump does not want to rid the country of Latinos. That is a ridiculous statement. He wants to protect our borders from those who want to come into our country ILLEGALLY. It just so happens that the Mexican border is our most porous. Trump does not want to rid the country of Muslims. He is just saying let's stop immigration of Muslims, especially this large scale influx that we are currently experiencing from countries who hate us, who have pledged to kill us and who in fact are attacking us almost on a daily basis, until we can figure out how to stop these attacks.  This is basic national security. Look at Saudi Arabia's own immigration policy. Islam has declared war on the US, from large organizations down to the individuals who decide to act on a military base or a Christmas party. At some point we have the moral right to take a look at what we need to do to protect ourselves.

Inciting violence against innocent Muslims? Where? When? Even though Muslims have savagely murdered many...I have yet to hear of a retaliation of violence against innocent Muslims. That's rhetoric intended to make Muslims the victims instead of the attackers and enablers of the attackers.  If it did happen I would be appalled and loudly denounce it, unlike our Muslim population who say or do little to nothing to decry the violence done in the name of Islam.

I know this writer, and decades ago I considered him a friend, but I am livid about this outrageous article. I am undecided on my vote for president, but if Trump is giving notice to our enemies that we will not tolerate these attacks and they are taking note...maybe Trump is who we need in the WH.