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Friday, June 17, 2016


   I am not stupid. I do have common sense. I am not a blind devotee of Trump. I'm not irrational. I do not wish to shame or otherwise hurt anyone emotionally. I do not need to hand in my Conservative card. These are just a few of the things that have been said to me lately. I will defend myself one last time regarding the Never Trump Republicans' accusations, and then I am done.  

First, People before Politics

    When the TEA Party first began, we often said "Principles before Party!" After about seven years in the TEA Party, I changed my mantra to "People before politics!" I made a decision about a year ago to let this blog die because I had gotten to a place where politics were no longer my passion. Politics had become that thing that was sucking the joy out of my life. I had been so active for so long with very disappointing results. The Liberals kept winning because of the complicity of the so-called RINOs, many who posed as Conservatives to get elected.  We had become the Uniparty of corruption where Republicans were and still are willing to sell our country out and the Republican platform for financial gain and personal status.  We had the TEA Party now actually becoming an arm of the Republican Party, no longer  making any effort to hide it, even when it spit in their face over and over again. What really burned me up was with every loss the establishment Republicans and the TEA Party would both try to spin them as obscure victories in order to keep the funds coming in. Come on, does the leader of a national Tea Party really need to make $400K and still beg for money even though wins are rare and unimpressive?

    On a personal level, I was facing tough times taking care of my mother until her death and also dealing with my own health issues.  I realized that I had become my politics. Lynda Givens Evans was politics with not much else to offer. I really had no stand-by-you kind of friends...I had connections. It was my own fault. I was so busy being an activist that I failed to nurture friendships. People only saw politics and what I may be able to do for or against their agendas. When I was no longer able to jump on their causes I had no purpose. Again, my own fault. So I decided to lay down politics, during an election year, and try to reorganize my priorities. I knew that politics would go on without me. No one is indispensable. You'd be surprised how quickly that hole closes up around you when you step out of a picture.
    Of course, I still love my country, and I am still opinionated, and I will still be a good citizen and vote. I had decided that I was not going to "promote" anyone this campaign season. I wasn't going to waste one more second of my time promoting people who only use you to get into office and then kick you and your principles to the curb.
Not a Trump Blind Devotee

   We had many choices on the Republican side. Right from the start I supported Ben Carson. To me he was the best choice and I still believe it. His quiet strength and intelligence was no match for Trump's loud and proud rhetoric. I get that. When Carson dropped out I supported Cruz. I saw Cruz fighting the Liberals and RINOs all along, so I felt I could reasonably trust him to continue once elected. I was disappointed at how much special interest money that he took, but I get it, it takes money to run an effective campaign. I voted for Cruz in the primary, knowing that Trump already had a large enough lead to make it feel like my vote didn't count. Besides, this is Maryland. It doesn't count, but I voted for Cruz.

   I didn't jump on the Trump bandwagon, even though his rhetoric made me want to stand up and shout amen, because his actions in the very recent past gave me pause. In particular, his use of  eminent domain (the power of a state or a national government to take private property for public use) in his business dealings. To me, that is the  most un-American act one could use on a fellow citizen for your own gain. I thought if he would do that in business, what would he do as the leader of the free world? To me it wasn't worth the risk, even though at the time he was saying everything that I wanted to hear on some important issues.

I Respect the Voters
    Cruz lost. Trump won. We cannot say that we respect our Constitutional Republic and then disrespect the will of the voters. When Obama won a second term I wanted to vomit, but the voters had spoken. I had to live with it until the next election. That is how it works. So how is it that I am called a "blind devotee" when all I am doing is respecting the voters and dealing with the choices handed to me? If the Republican National Committee sought to override the will of the voters I would be furious! That would be disrespectful to the voters and an affront to the integrity of our election process. Besides, does anyone think that they would put up Cruz in Trump's place? No! It would be some complicit RINO, but it doesn't matter who they put up, it would be wrong to do it.

   Given the choices, the rest are basic statistics. It's not irrational. It is not without principles. It's math. It's not stupid or a lack of common sense; quite the contrary. Lets reason together:

1.  The choices are Hillary, Trump, third party Gary Johnson, or no vote.  
2.  Trump will need every vote to beat Hillary.
3.  I know 100% that Hillary will finish off this country.
4.  I have a 50%-50% chance that Trump will either be the best or the worst president ever.  See#2.
5.  I know that Gary Johnson has 0% chance of winning. If Ross Perot couldn't win with the populous movement that was behind him then Johnson does not have a chance. See #2.
6.  No vote is vote for Hillary because...see #2.

Pretty simple really.

Never Trump Republicans

    It escapes me how this is even a thing!

    First, Conservatives and RINOs (lip service) alike have been railing against the unconstitutional actions of Obama for 8 years, yet they cannot accept that the voters have spoken. Some would throw aside the election process!

    Second, simple statistics (see #2) show pretty clearly that a vote against Trump is in fact a vote for Hillary, yet some Republicans are ready to not only trash the election process, but also their own Party. They are willing to hand this country over to Hillary on a silver platter, renounce the election process, and renounce their Party because they cannot accept the choice of the voters.

    Worse yet, people in prominent Republican positions are selling out their Party (FYI, I am no longer a Republican). If you are sitting on a Republican Central Committee and cannot support the Republican candidate that the Republican voters have chosen, you need to step down because it is your job to support him.  

    When the highest ranking Republican in the state publicly denounces the Republican candidate chosen by the voters of his state, and in doing so promotes Hillary (see #2), I have to ask myself if he deserves my Conservative vote much less the votes of Republicans in his next election. Yes, Hillary is that bad. If she is elected, it will no longer matter who is Governor of Maryland. The fundamental change will swiftly continue full speed ahead until its completion.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I will not continue to defend myself regarding Trump. If you don't like what I say on my own Facebook page, you are free to leave. 

One more thing... I have a little hope that Trump will firmly handle the problem of Islam. I have no hope at all that Hillary will (see #2).