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Saturday, April 15, 2017


The Republican Party Split
This may come to a shock to some of  you but...Republicans don't all think alike. Seriously! Not so long ago, the Republican Party used to only be divided between two schools of thought: Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) and the Conservatives (fiscally conservative and adherence to the U.S. Constitution). The Republican platform and the U.S. Constitution were negotiable for RINOS, but non-negotiable for Conservatives. It was pretty easy to know where you fit between these two. When the Tea Party first formed in 2008-09, Conservatives flocked together, including fiscally conservative Democrats, to take a stand against TARP and the bailouts and Obamacare. At our meetings we agreed to avoid Rs and Ds and to focus on what brought us together, which were the issues that affected our economy. We would not discuss social issues. It worked! I was in DC the day that there was a half a million beautiful Americans protesting against these issues. No one was fighting. No one was taking a crap on a police car. No one was raped or beat up. There was not even a piece of trash left behind. It was a beautiful thing.

Conservatives Splintered
Now, the Conservatives have splintered into several different realms of thought. Here are just a few: Libertarians (seem to want their own identity now), Constitutional purists (Constitution as originally thought and written), Constitutional pragmatists (Constitution and its amendment process catching up to modern-day issues--sometimes there is a season of catching up.), Never Trumpers, Always Trumpers, Conspiracy Theorists (Illuminati, Free Masons, Satanists, antichrists, etc.), teachers of Bible prophesy, and every degree of isolationist. I could write another post describing each of these and how they relate to one another. I will stick to the topic of President Trump for now. Each of these splinter groups have or are developing a different view on Donald Trump. Conservatives are very principled and outspoken people, and they tend to be very involved in the political process. I am proud of that fact. This is a good thing, until they splintered. I started to notice this beginning in 2010 because I was in leadership in my local Tea Party, and I was in charge of organizing events. At first I could fill 6 buses to DC with one weeks notice to the group, but by this time I could barely fill one with a months notice. I started to hear things like, "That's not my issue. My issue is ____." Everyone was beginning to get into their own canoes according to their issue. We were losing our "presence" in DC and Annapolis. Now, we have people in their own canoes and they have installed weaponry in order to lob their ammo of choice at fellow Conservatives in the next canoe! We have all of these Conservative thinkers squabbling amongst each other, and they have almost completely forgotten their real enemy, the Left.

The Left and the Leftist media haven't forgotten about us. They are very busy planning the downfall fall of President Trump and a return to power. They aren't squabbling. They remain united. They don't even have to understand each other's issues. All they know is that they have a common enemy, the Right, and they are cemented together very tightly in their mission. If one of their causes takes a stand, they all jump in the fight. It doesn't matter what the cause. If it is anti-Right...they are all in.

Do you get the picture yet?

Conservative In-fighting
When President Trump bombed Syria, ostensibly in response to the chemical attack on Syrian citizens and children, this created an absolute brawl amongst Conservatives. I have Facebook friends from every stripe of Conservative listed above, so my Facebook feed got bloody pretty quickly. I was still scratching my head over what happened when President Trump tried to repeal and replace Obamacare. I was pretty dismayed at our behavior at that point, but after the bombing, the gloves were off!
  • "You can never again call yourself a Conservative."
  • "You call yourself a Christian?"
  • "Unless you denounce Trump from this moment forward...I will unfriend you on Facebook."
  • "I am about to block half of my Conservative friends on Facebook."
  • "You are a liar if you say you are a Constitutionalist and do not denounce Trump."
...and on it went. If you said nothing, you were being called out. Where do you stand? What are you going to do?

Again, I was still trying to figure out what happened to healthcare, so I will begin by taking a stand on that issue. However, I can't even do that until I first make it clear where I stand regarding President Trump.

President Donald J. Trump
I was not a Never Trumper and I am not an Always Trumper. I am old enough to know that the words "I'll never" and "I'll always" should rarely be used because the minute I use them something immediately happens to test me. There is often an exception to the rule. Granted not all things have exceptions. I am a Bible fundamentalist. If the Bible says it then it is never and always for eternity in my mind. Most other things, I'm very careful about proclamations of never and always, particularly in politics. Your adversary on one issue may be your advocate on the next. Good politics takes strategy. When you start with the I'll nevers and I'll always...your strategy becomes very limited and you become ineffective as a politician and an activist.   

Trump was not my first choice.
My first choice was Dr. Ben Carson. His humbleness was taken as weakness. I still think his quiet strength would have been the best choice for America, but that's a moot point. When he dropped out of the race I went with Ted Cruz. I wanted an outsider, but I just didn't trust Trump. His use of eminent domain troubled me greatly. I could not reconcile what he was saying about freedom and less government with his willingness to take property from others for his own profit and "the good of all". I wasn't dead set against him. I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary.

Trump versus Hillary: This was a no-brainer.
I would have voted for anyone other than Hillary, for obvious reasons that I won't go into. Again, a moot point. I did get angry at the Never Trumpers for vowing not to vote or to vote for a 3rd-Party sure loser. They had grander principles than the rest of us, and they didn't care if Hillary had to win to prove it. There is no way of knowing, but I suspect that many of them wound up voting for Trump. My principles were anti-Hillary when it came to voting.

I am also angry with Never Trumpers when/if they will not support him when he is doing good things, or when he is at least doing way better than we ever imagined, even if it's not perfect. Remember our enemy? It's not President Trump; at least not yet. There could be a time when he reveals himself to be deserving of a Conservative competitor in the next election. We are not even close to that situation. Until then, I will make the best of it. After he was elected, it would be counter-productive to fight against him or sit out the process just because I don't personally like him or because I disagree with him on some issues. I have taken a wait-and-see attitude. I had doubts. I was hoping and praying for the best. As far as an Always Trumper, I am not a blind devotee of anyone holding any office. That is cultish, and I belonged to a cult once, so I watch for and eschew anything resembling cultish behavior. I will back Trump when he is representing my principles, and I will call him out when he clearly is not. I will not cave into pressure from any of my peers to denounce him completely every time he is not a perfect Conservative, as defined and judged by perfect Conservatives, whoever they are.

The Bandwagon.
I am not a bandwagon-kind of girl. I haven't even gotten completely on the Trump wagon (praying and watching), when some of the same Conservatives (Always Trumpers) who tried to bully me onto the Trump bandwagon are now trying to bully me onto the anti-Trump bandwagon! The Never Trumpers seem to have found ammunition (pardon the pun) with the strike on Syria to continue their war on Trump. This is not the Cryps and the Bloods! This is not a child's play. A lot of time and energy and political capital is being wasted on in-fighting. We have to get some political game or we are going to squander this God-given opportunity. 

Healthcare Bill
Really? Conservatives, this was the best that we could do? I don't blame Trump. I don't even blame the RINOs for this one. I blame the dysfunctional Conservatives! I know I am speaking blasphemy against some of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Conservative movement...but come on! If it isn't perfect we'll pass? The Left took Obamacare as a stepping stone towards single-payer healthcare and considered it a huge victory even though they didn't get everything that they wanted. Did they fuss and fume at one another? No! They fussed and fumed at us! Did they want all or nothing? No! They are pros at pushing issues leftward one step at a time and celebrating every victory...against us!

Don't get me wrong. I would have preferred to have a full repeal. I would have preferred a complete rewrite, not an editing of Obamacare. I was disappointed. However, I was not willing to throw it all away because I didn't get what I wanted. We keep winning elections but continue to fail at furthering our agenda. This is why. We refuse to unite. We refuse to negotiate. We don't take advantage of our opportunities. How long have we wanted to repeal Obamacare? If only we had the House. Got it. If only we had the Senate. Got it. If only we had the presidency. Got it. We can not seem to get it done no matter what our advantage! Those Independents and Democrats who gave us the election must be shaking their their us! They were so close to getting out from under those mandated policies and premiums with outrageous deductibles, not to mention the penalties. Nope, we have principles. They will just have to suck it up. Do you think that they will vote with us next time? Not to mention that Planned Parenthood would have lost funding, but it wasn't long enough (for now), so we told President Trump to stick it.

Trump asked us to trust him. He had three phases planned. I understand that we have been betrayed many times before by the Left and by the RINOs. You all wanted an outsider and we have one. He doesn't get the politics, especially the in-fighting. He is a businessman looking for a deal. He asked us to trust him, and I was inclined to do so. He may be our last chance to turn things around. Many of you were all about Trump (way more than I was), but when he asked you to trust him, you wouldn't do it. I hope we get another chance at it. Who knows? Maybe we will get a better deal. We might get a worse deal or no deal. Not only that, but we have held him back moving forward on other things that this would have affected positively. I heard a Democrat who voted for Trump say that Trump lost the healthcare battle and he was disappointed in him. He mocked Trump and the Conservatives. Good job Conservatives. I wonder if we'll ever get that vote on our side again. I think we blew the moment and the momentum. I hope not.

Bombing of Syria
Like I said before, this is where it really got ugly. I was still mulling over healthcare when the big brouhaha started over the bombing. Facebook friends were getting nasty and demanding. I would have preferred that President Trump went to Congress. For my purest Constitutionalist friends, yes he should have. Neither the US nor our interests were under imminent threat. Trump says now that it was because we have people there. I'm not sure that's enough. Was there an American that was injured or killed by chemicals? He had time to go to Congress. That said, I will not jump on the denounce Trump bandwagon over it. I will decide when or if I will denounce Trump, and I will not be bullied into it. I'm sorry conspiracy theorists, but telling me that because he holds his fingers a certain way, that this is proof that he had other nefarious motives other than the dead children, that doesn't cut it for me (not that I write you guys off entirely). I just don't think it had anything to do with bombing Syria. The Constitutionalists are the ones who really made me mad. Some of them actually said that those who did not denounce Trump immediately could never call themselves Conservatives again. They even wondered how we could call ourselves Christians. Yes I call you Super Duper Conservatives! Who do you think you are?

Savior or Anti-Christ?

I call no man my savior but Jesus Christ. However, it is my personal opinion that this could be our last chance to turn things around. The globalists wanted to spread our wealth around and diminish us in the world arena. They were succeeding. The Left wanted to overburden our entitlements programs as encouraged in the Coward-Piven Strategy. The goal was to sabotage and destroy the welfare system to cause it to collapse, which would ignite a political and financial crisis that would be so severe that poor people would rise in revolt, and then the rest of society would accept their demands. They create a crisis and then offer their Socialist solution. They were succeeding. This mass immigration that we've been experiencing and them stirring up racial tension has been a part of that plan. They wanted to take or limit our Constitutionally-protected (God-given) freedoms by using political correctness to make us afraid to speak out. They were succeeding. They wanted to leave us defenseless by limiting or taking away our ability to defend ourselves. They were succeeding. They wanted to make the killing of babies more convenient and more affordable, and God help us, they were succeeding. They were succeeding on every front! They thought they had Hillary in the bag, and that would finish us off as a Constitutional Republic and they would usher us right into the globalist dream. But God said, "Not so fast!" We have someone who is willing, and I believe able if we will work with him, to turn things around in the other direction. God help us if we mess this up. An the other hand...

The conspiracy theorists shouldn't be entirely discounted. I am a Bible believer, so I know that in the last days there will be a globalist society, and there will be strong delusion. There will be a lot of deception in high places. I know that a leader (Gog) of one country (Magog) will make a pact with Israel and then break it betraying them. Is it possible that President Trump is part of a larger deception? It's possible.

Final Thoughts
I have hope that President Trump will turn things around. I plan to support his efforts on issues that are important to me. I believe that Conservatives need to get behind him. If he is using us, well I will use him back. We have to have a strategy. We have to unite. We have to stop fighting one another. We can privately and respectfully disagree, but if we shut each other out we will lose it all, and right now it is all ours to win or lose. However, I am being vigilant! I'm educating myself to some of the conspiracy theories. I am watching Bible prophecy unfold. I am praying for discernment. When he clearly messes up, I will say so, but I will not be bullied into denouncing him. If I decide to denounce him, I will do it and do it "bigly".